Headwave3 Overview

Unprecedented Speed Regardless of Dataset Sizes
Unsurpassed interactivity with any size datasets
Excellent data support - incl. wide-azimuth gathers,
interpretation, well data, etc.
Ideal for data QC workflows
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Gather Enhancement & Conditioning
Fit for Purpose in Minutes
Data conditioning for interpreters
Make data fit for purpose in minutes, faster than any other desktop software
Use as a companion tool for e.g. Petrel or continue interpretation in Headwave
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Setting a New Industry Standard
Unique, patent-pending data driven exploration
Identify anomalies even before any horizon interpretation
Output EEI volumes on the fly and interpret directly
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Stratigraphic & Quantitative Interpretation
Interactive Analysis with Real-Time Attribute & Parameter Access
Constrained Least Square Spectral Analysis (CLSSA) from Castagna / Lumina Geo
Stratigraphic visualization - RGBA visualization in horizon-bounded or phantomed zones
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Model Building & Depth Conversion
High-Productivity Fit-for-Purpose Interpretation
Interpret any size volumes - even regional scale - on-the-fly
Use unique Adaptive Geologic Primitives
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Model Building & Depth Conversion
Unique New T2D Solution
Joint effort with supermajor
Opportunity for collaboration & sponsorship
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Next-Generation Geoscience Application - Headwave3

Headwave3 is the next-generation geoscience application. The platform is scalable, extendable and adaptable, which means that clients can set it up, extend it, modify it and use it precisely as they would want.

Built from scratch during the past 3 years

Many software products on the market are based on decades-old architectures. In contrast, Headwave3 is the first geoscience platform that has been designed from the ground up to fully harness new acceleration technologies to empower earth science professionals. We believe that over time, Headwave’s products will overturn current conceptions about how geoscientists can work.

The platform is truly open, allowing clients and partners to develop valuable proprietary tools rather than infrastructure. Creating filters/algorithms and additional modules that enable business workflows is easy.

Empowering End Users - Lets Geoscientists Do Geoscience

  • Headwave3 offers an interpreter-oriented environment for qualitative and quantitative interpretation, modelling, imaging and more for all geoscientists - from seismic to structure with properties in depth. With Headwave3, geoscientists can easily introduce new algorithms (that benefit from GPU acceleration) or develop new templated workflows using visual workflow builder or scripting.

Empowering Researchers

  • The Headwave3 platform allows researchers to quickly and easily prototype and deploy leading-edge research code that harness the strengths of Headwave’s platform and HueSpace.
  • Developers can easily develop entire modules, workflows, algorithms, UIs, domain objects, visualizations, data loaders, exporters, etc that run within and benefit from the existing Headwave application environment.

Main benefits of R&D are:

  • Industry’s most interactive application for demanding workflows (compute & data intensive)
  • Cross-platform, 3rd party connectivity
  • Time-to-Market
  • Prepared for HPC connectivity
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In the words of our Geoscience Advisor:

"Finally, users can not only work with the end result in mind, they can always see the end result as they work. This is a world-first and as we introduce new workflows, the benefits of this paradigm shift will become obvious to all geoscientists".

Dr. Ron MastersHeadwave, Inc