Headwave 3 Geoscience Core

Key Features
  • Industry's best geoscience visualization & interactivity with any size datasets
  • Excellent data support - incl. wide-azimuth gathers, interpretation, well data, etc.
  • Multi-Project Support
  • Multi-dimensional interpretation in context
  • Entirely modular - extend with Headwave modules or proprietary modules & workflows

Headwave3 Core offers a broad set of visualization capabilities with excellent interactivity practically regardless of data sizes.

Key Advantages and Innovations

High Performance

  • End-to-end GPU computing supports interactive stream processing for real-time updates on unlimited multi-dimension & multi-attribute data

Accelerated Collaborative System Across the Work Environment

  • Multi-project now; real-time collaboration and multi-user project planned
  • Chained operations and historical scripts support canned and user-defined sharable workflows of arbitrary complexity

Comprehensive Core Functionality for Development & Extensible Customizable System

  • Cross platform: Windows and Linux
  • Interactive visualization in many dimensions, in context
  • Modular architecture for ease of deployment
More Information

Commercial Availability

Status: Commercially available

Requires: No other module required

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