Headwave Welcomes Dr. Ron Masters

Headwave Welcomes Dr. Ron Masters


Headwave Inc., a global technology leader in high-performance geoscience application, development and deployment, is pleased to announce that Dr. Ron Masters has joined Headwave as Geoscience Advisor.

Dr. Masters brings with him a wealth of experience, both as practitioner and researcher. He is currently the Chair of the IQ Earth/Interpretation Committee of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, where he is building a frontier community of interpreters and their allies who conduct integrated quantitative earth studies for exploration.

Previously, Dr. Masters spent 10 years with Royal Dutch Shell as Senior Staff Geophysicist in Exploration Research. Prior to that, he was Director of Interpretation Research for ARCO who he joined after many years in exploration and research roles with Shell. Ron holds a PhD degree in physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

During his recent career with Shell, Ron was co-inventor of, and driving force behind, research and application of methods for multi-attribute dynamic classification and tracking. In his early work at Shell, Ron engaged in the development and conduct of marine converted wave exploration at every phase, and invented the Background Normal Method of AVO analysis and other techniques. He introduced inversion as an exploration tool at Shell Expro and ARCO, and led ARCO’s first modern 4D pilot study.

Dr. Ron Masters joins Headwave at an exciting time. Headwave is engaged in multi-year research and development programs with IOCs and NOCs, has recently partnered with John Castagna and Lumina Geo, and will introduce its latest tools at the upcoming SEG. As geoscience advisor, Ron will work closely with our clients and partners and internal G&G teams and researchers to advance geoscience with a focus on the daily lives of interpreters. Ron’s track record of global exploration and workflow innovation will be of tremendous advantage to Headwave and our clients and partners.

Headwave’s new product will focus on making all relevant data and pre-stack workflows easily accessible for interpreters. Having Ron onboard, working together with our experienced group of geophysicists and our clients and partners, will allow us to yet again raise our level of ambition. We are pleased to welcome him onboard.

About Headwave, Inc

Headwave Inc. is a high-technology company that develops and markets software tools for seismic analysis and was one of the first vendors to use GPGPU (general-purpose computation on GPUs/graphics cards) for commercial purposes. Headwave has commercialized a proprietary pre-stack storage system that is highly optimized for GPU/HPC-enabled visualization and computation and has been a leader in high-performance geoscience application development since 2005. Headwave Inc. is headquartered in Houston, USA and has offices in The Netherlands and Norway. For more information, contact CEO Diderich Buch at diderich.buch@headwave.com, (+47 92290446) or visit their website at www.headwave.com.

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