Headwave 2012.1 Has Been Released

Headwave 2012.1 Has Been Released


Headwave is proud to announce the release of Headwave 2012.1, which offers powerful features for interpreters and processors. The Headwave application has been improved with lots of technology for QC, data enhancement, AVO, and more. With the 2012.1 release, existing users will find familiar tools and features like angle gather, mute and NMO correction, as well as new tools with powerful features, such as the Gather Tracker and the new AVO Crossplot.. New users will appreciate the holistic approach to QC, conditioning, attribute extraction and analysis.


Headwave Core

The Headwave Core provides interactive visualization of multi-dimensional data sets, allowing rapid QC and evaluation of all your data in the correct context. A series of unique display capabilities together with very fast data access and a set of interactive tools enable a large number of E&P workflows.

-2D/3D views juxtaposing gather data in the context of the poststack dataset and well logs

-Interactive calculation and math, display and blending of standard seismic attributes in prestack and poststack domains

Headwave Data Enhancement and Conditioning

Receive gathers from migration and apply the post-processing workflow that is most suitable for the next stage of the interpretation.

-Supergather generation for signal to noise enhancement

-Trim statics, single time window

-Smoothing operations

Headwave Interactive AVO

Headwave sets the industry standard with a new AVO crossplot*. Instead of drawing polygons to label anomalies or AVO classes, it uses color blending with two color tables**—one along a trend axis, another along an anomaly axis—to show all AVO classes and projections at once on sections, horizons, and in volumes.

-Rapid regional AVO reconnaissance

-Easily compare seismic AVO at prospect and well

-Determine whether gather quality supports an AVO study

-Create angle sub-stacks, with offset-to-angle conversion on-the-fly

-AVO crossplotting in 3D without resorting to polygon creation

*Patent for this AVO method is pending

**Headwave is the only company offering a commercial implementation of this AVO method

Headwave Multi-Dimensional Interpretation [NEW!]

Headwave 2012.1 features new functionality for gather tracking. Headwave now autotracks into prestack and other 4-dimensional datasets. Any imported horizon may be extended into a gather dimension - offset, frequency, velocity, etc. - generating a surface in 4 dimensions following a peak, trough, zero crossing, or constant time/depth.

-Display extensions into the gather dimension simultaneously for all available imported horizons

-Drag a seismic section and watch the tracked extensions follow in real time

-Display lateral variation of picks and statistical measures as horizon attributes

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