About Us

Headwave greatly improves the way geoscientists image, interpret and understand the subsurface, without barriers.

What We Do

Since 2005, Headwave's ambition has been to provide leading-edge software by challenging the traditional ways of developing software in the E&P industry.

By rethinking E&P workflows, we enable end-users to focus on their geoscience as opposed to how to operate the software.

Who Are Our Users & Customers?

Headwave’s clients range from some of the supermajors to small boutique shops in odd corners of the world.

Users of Headwave's software are generally the geophysicists involved in seismic processing and imaging, or the interpreters doing frontier interpretation and DHI analysis.

The People Behind Headwave

To succeed in today's increasingly competitive business climate, a company needs people with great, new ideas - and the ability and desire to execute on those. Our people is a brilliant mix of eager G&G experts and computer programmers of all ages. Our G&G experts have considerable, senior experience from all aspects of G&G, such as processing, interpretation, rock physics and inversion. Our managers and senior advisers have backgrounds from companies such as Shell, Jason, WesternGeco, ExxonMobil, and others.

In Headwave, there is fundamentally no difference between management and other staff - we're all in it for the fun and ability to do something cool.

About Headwave

  • Incorporated: Delaware in 2005
  • Headquarter: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Ownership: Privately owned by the founder group, management and employees
  • Offices: Houston, TX and Oslo, Norway

Headwave is first and foremost a technology company. We come up with smart solutions to real-world problems.

Our mission is to provide geoscientists with dramatic productivity gains on key workflows, compared to available products and legacy methods.